Barrel of wine 8 liters clearance price

Barrel of wine 8 liters clearance price

  • Référence : 8 liter wine barrel
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8 liter wine barrel


Immerse yourself in the unique experience of preserving and aging your own wine in an authentic oak barrel,

where the magic of wood blends with the nuances of your favorite wine. Holds approximately 10 standard bottles

Our 8 liter barrel offers the perfect balance between practicality and winemaking excellence. Our barrel is not just a symbol

Elegance and sophistication, but also an essential tool for any wine lover looking to enhance their experience

winemaking to new heights. In addition, its rustic and authentic design will add a touch of distinction to any space, whether in your home

wine or gastronomic establishment.






It can hold approximately 8 liters of wine, which is roughly equivalent to 10 standard bottles of wine (750ml per bottle).






It is made of oak wood or other selected woods. Oak is commonly used due to its properties to enhance the flavor and quality of wine through interaction with liquid.




Aging process.


The wood in the barrel allows the wine to breathe gradually, helping to improve its flavor and aroma over time.

Additionally, wood can contribute certain flavors and characteristics to the wine, such as notes of vanilla, spice or smoke.

depending on the type of wood and the heating of the barrel.




Microoxygenation effect.


Wood allows controlled micro-oxygenation of the wine, which contributes to the development of its organoleptic qualities and the stabilization of the color and structure of the wine.




Domestic or decorative use.


In addition to their primary function of storing and aging wine, 8 liter wooden barrels can also serve as decorative elements in homes, wineries or restaurants, adding a rustic and elegant touch.


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