flexible rainwater tank 5m3

flexible rainwater tank 5m3

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flexible rainwater tank 5m3 in clearance

flexible rainwater tank 5m3

Flexible rectangular rainwater tank 5 m3.


Collect rainwater with this 5,000 liter rectangular flexible tank!


Rainwater is free, soft. temperate and perfectly suited to watering the garden.


Why collect rainwater in a flexible tank?

The rainwater joins the flexible tank then is stored away from light and air.

Thus protected, the water remains clean and clear without being altered by microbes or bacteria.


Well preserved. it can be stored for several months without risk of deterioration or risk of freezing.

The water will be collected using a pump connected to the tank or by gravity.


Finally, a flexible tank is more economical and faster. profitable than an installation in concrete or in a polyethylene tank.


Where to install my flexible tank?

A flexible tank can be installed very easily in a garden. under a terrace, in a crawl space... the surface must simply be flat.

The assembly instructions will present the installation methods and instructions to you.



On top of the tank. a 140 mm diameter inspection hatch with 50 mm diameter elbow grooved connection (for tank filling). as well as an angled safety overflow with a diameter of 25 mm.

On the side (location according to your convenience). a 26/34 mm threaded 1/4 turn valve for emptying the tank.



  1. Height: 0.75 m.
  2. Dimensions: 2.96m x 3.55m.
  3. Weight: 23.6 kg.



  • Flexible tank guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Resistant tank up to -30 C°.
  • Complies with standards NF EN ISO 1421, NF EN ISO 2411 and NF EN 1876-2.
  • Weaving: 100% high-strength polyester with PVC coating.
  • Corner reinforcement by plate with stainless steel screws.
  • Bulkhead reinforcements.
  • Anti-tearing high frequency welding.
  • Anti-UV treated.



Rainwater is the name given to rainwater.

after it has touched the ground, a built or natural surface likely to intercept or recover it (roof, terrace, impluvium, tree, etc.) According to the French standardization association (1983) this is 'a "water coming from. atmospheric precipitation and which has not yet become loaded with soluble substances from the earth. »


Rainwater is generally poorly mineralized.

poor in organic matter. but in industrialized countries and agricultural areas they are often acidified, polluted by various contaminants including ammoniacal nitrogen, nitrite ions and various residues of human activities (metals, PAHs, pesticides or their degradation molecules)3.


This water is sometimes harvested and stored. (rainwater retention basin, rainwater tank) for its infiltration or subsequent use for domestic, agricultural or industrial purposes.



Raindrops, and accumulation of rainwater. due to the waterproofing of urbanized soil


Rainwater is a resource directly used by many species, in particular by mosses (here: Ceratodon purpureus). terrestrial lichens and algae and epiphytic plants

The phrase “rainwater” designates water that falls in the form of rain, therefore essentially water that is supposed to be all the purer the more it is collected. at altitude and far from polluted towns. Rainwater. according to the health criteria of the 19th century, it figures prominently in a classification of drinking water4. We can also extend this definition to all hydrometeors: rain, snow, hail, etc.5.


So-called “rain” water.

ceases to be so when it penetrates the ground (in which case it becomes infiltration water or gravity water then groundwater, eventually reappearing as spring water).


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