water dredge ef-i20

water dredge ef-i20

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water dragger ef-i20

EF-i 20 Drag'Eau DN20 anti-limescale flow rate 2.7 m3/h.

water treatment by physical process, permanent protection against limescale which eliminates existing scale deposits.


EF-i 20 the 100% autonomous and ecological solution against limescale from home to industry. from Drag'Eau has a curative effect.


Anti-limescale benefits:


Water treatment by natural physical process.


Permanent protection against limescale.


Elimination of existing tartar deposits.


No floor space for the equipment.


No maintenance.


Simple and quick installation (to be carried out by a plumber).


Characteristics of the EF-i 20 DN20 anti-limescale:


EF-i 20 Drag'Eau, this anti-limescale with a flow rate of 2.7 m3/h offers exceptional efficiency, it works without electricity, without earthing, without salt, without maintenance and without consumables. 


EF-i 20 an anti-limescale that is easy to size and install. EF i 20 Drag'Eau a single reference to protect the entire house or apartment against limescale.


The Drag'Eau range is designed to protect EFG AND ECS water circuits (general cold water/domestic hot water) against limescale, it allows you to overcome the maintenance constraints of softeners and does not take up space. ground.


home anti-limescale EF-i 20 DN20 Drag'Eau is simply installed on the water inlet pipe (3/4 inch connection) and does not require any connection or earthing or water evacuation or storage salt.


Due to its small footprint, Efficalk EF-i 20 anti-limescale can be installed in the most confined spaces.


Dimensions and flow rate EF-i 20 DN20 Drag'Eau for limescale treatment in the home:

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