Himolla Easy Swing. Relax armchair 7322
Himolla Easy Swing. Relax armchair 7322 

Himolla Easy Swing. Relax armchair 7322

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Himolla Easy Swing 7322

HIMOLLA EASY SWING 7322 armchair.


 It will allow you to rest after your day of work.


It has an integrated footrest and an adjustable backrest with manual or electric function.

Available in different functions and variations in size and color.

Each variant (manual, 1 or 2 motors) is equipped with a flexible headrest as well as a backrest and footrest that can be individually adjusted to different positions.

Himolla Easy Swing. Relax armchair 7322.


A massage chair.

is an armchair equipped with an electric massage system. This type of seat is popular in East and Southeast Asia and increasingly in Europe.



Nobuo Fujimoto with his company Fuji Iryōki (フジ医療器?, lit. “Fuji medical equipment”) was the first entrepreneur in the world to launch the mass production of massage chairs in 1954, in Japan1.


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How to do ?

In Japan, in 2017, around 10% of households are equipped with a massage chair. We also see them almost everywhere in public spaces: sports halls, medical establishments, airports and even hotels. In 2017, Fuji Iryōki continues to lead sales of massage chairs in consumer electronics stores1.



Massage chairs from major brands use different technologies such as morphology detection, body scan, adaptation of the massage according to heart rate, stress detection, ceramic heating in the massage heads , infrared heat, zero gravity position, 3D massage. in order to better adapt the massage to its user. These options are available for massage chairs from the most high-end brands that have patents but which significantly increase the price of the massage chair.


Discover ultimate comfort with the Himolla Easy Swing 7322 armchair.

available now for a price of €3,250.


The Himolla Easy Swing 7322 armchair is the embodiment of luxury and well-being.

With its elegant design and innovative features, it offers exceptional comfort to those seeking an unparalleled relaxation experience. Featuring an ergonomic seat and an easy-to-use swivel mechanism, this chair allows you to relax and rest in peace.

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