Buy hjemli h70 broom vacuum cleaner

Buy hjemli h70 broom vacuum cleaner

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price hjemli h70 broom vacuum cleaner

hjemli h70 broom vacuum cleaner

Buy hjemli h70 broom vacuum cleaner.


New product sold in its original packaging.

1 year warranty.


Always have a clean space.

Equipped with powerful suction.

clean every corner of your apartment or house.


Handy and light.

permanently remove hair and dirt from your interior.


Nothing left to buy. empty it when full and simply clean the filters with tap water.


No. 1 in sales. Limited stock.


  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY. Delivery in 5 days.
  • Free return: 14 days to change your mind.
  • After-sales service in France.


The key points:


  • All types of floors: vacuums deeply.
  • Battery life: 40 minutes.
  • Cleaning area: 200 m².
  • Large 1.2 liter tank.
  • Motorized brush.
  • Light (barely 2 kilos) and handy.
  • Suction power: 21000 Pa.



Main information:


Powerful suction capacity.

No bags or filters to purchase. Everything is washable.

HEPA filter to capture the smallest particles.

Hyper effective for dog or cat hair.

Multiple accessories provided.

Illuminating LED to see clearly under furniture or beds.

Motorized brush.

Lightweight and easy to use.


Discover the freedom of cordless cleaning with the Hjemli H70 stick vacuum cleaner.

available now for only €99.


The Hjemli H70 stick vacuum cleaner offers suction power.

exceptional in a light and practical format. Thanks to its cordless design, you can easily and efficiently clean every corner of your home without worrying about annoying wires. Its long-lasting battery allows you to clean several rooms at once without interruption.


Equipped with a motorized brush and several accessories.

This stick vacuum cleaner is perfect for hard floors, rugs and carpets. Its advanced filtration technology effectively captures dust and allergens, leaving your home clean and healthy.



Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a quality stick vacuum cleaner.

at an affordable price. Order your Hjemli H70 now for only €99 and simplify your cleaning routine with this practical and efficient device.



Frequently asked Questions :


I have thick carpets, will the vacuum cleaner be able to vacuum?


Absolutely, it has a suction capacity of 21000 Pa which makes it one of the best in its category.

In addition, its motorized brush allows you to capture encrusted hairs.


What type of surface is the vacuum cleaner suitable for?


It vacuums carpets, rugs, parquet, linoleum, tiles, polished concrete, ceramics, etc.


I have dogs and cats, is this vacuum cleaner right for me?


Very powerful and bagless, it still retains its suction capacity.

And thanks to the integrated lighting, nothing escapes you!


Is emptying it easy?


With one click below the device, emptying it into a trash can only takes a few seconds.


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