husqvarna 572 xp

husqvarna 572 xp

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husqvarna 572 xp

Husqvarna 572 XP 18" professional gasoline chainsaw.


  • Brand: Husqvarna.
  • Power source Gasoline .
  • Power (horsepower): 4.3.
  • Item weight: 12 Kilograms.


About this article.

  1. Manufacturer: Husqvarna.
  2. Rotational coupling, max. : 4.5 Nm.
  3. Fuel consumption: 429 g/kWh.
  4. Manufacturer reference: 966733118.
  5. Manufacturer name: 572 XP.
  6. Type: Gasoline chainsaw.
  7. Displacement: 70.6 cm³.
  8. Output power: 4.3 kW.
  9. Rotation speed at max. Power: 9900 rpm.
  10. Idle speed: 2700 rpm.


A chainsaw, also called a mechanical saw.

or even a chain saw (Quebec). is a motorized and portable saw of variable size and power.


Its use is common in general or specialized agriculture.

silviculture, silvopastoralism, agroforestry, pre-orchards, arboriculture, castaneiculture, etc. —, in logging, in green spaces. by pruners. in gardening — by individuals.


Discover the power and reliability of the Husqvarna 572 XP chainsaw, available now for a price of €830 with a one-year warranty.


The Husqvarna 572 XP chainsaw.

is designed to meet the needs of professionals in felling, pruning and wood cutting. With its exceptional power and ergonomic design, it offers superior performance in the most demanding conditions.


Featuring a robust engine and cutting-edge technology.

the 572 XP guarantees fast and precise cutting, while being easy to operate and maintain. Its durable construction and smart design make it a reliable tool you can rely on day after day.



Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a professional quality chainsaw.

at a competitive price. Order your Husqvarna 572 XP now for €830 and benefit from unrivaled performance in all your forestry work.


Its use is essentially. felling trees, pruning, trimming hedges, cutting firewood, and other green space maintenance work.


Description and operation.

Chainsaws consist of a motor, a blade or guide bar and a chainsaw chain. The engine is usually a small two-stroke engine; some models. for small powers, use an electric motor connected to the domestic current, or even a pneumatic rotary motor like the quasiturbine. There are now also electric chainsaws that run on rechargeable batteries.

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