birch sap collection kit

birch sap collection kit

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birch sap harvesting kit on sale

birch sap collection kit

Collection kit for birch sap.

Minérasève, harvesting birch sap since 2015.

This equipment sold is the same used for our own harvest of birch sap in our forests in the Hautes-Vosges of Alsace. Food contact and reliable. The birch sap collection kit can be used for several years, if you take care of it and follow the instructions for use.


Discover the birch sap harvesting kit.

a practical and affordable solution to enjoy the benefits of this natural and refreshing drink. With an attractive price of only €12, this kit will allow you to collect and enjoy your own fresh birch sap at home.


The kit includes everything you need to start your adventure.

birch sap collection: collection tubes, taps and buckets specially designed to collect sap directly from the tree. Simply attach the tubes to the birch trees and let nature do the rest.


Birch sap is renowned for its hydrating and revitalizing properties.

as well as for its content of nutrients beneficial to health. By harvesting your own birch sap, you can enjoy its natural benefits while having an enriching and rewarding experience.



Don't miss this opportunity to discover the magic of harvesting birch sap at home. Order your kit today and start enjoying the benefits of this delicious and nourishing drink.



The harvest kit includes:

  • 1 blowtorch
  • 1 meter long hose
  • 1 wick of 7.5 diameter
  • 1 disinfectant alcohol spray
  • 2 wooden dowels of 8 mins
  • 1 complete user manual
  • In addition, with this harvesting kit you will need 1 hammer and a cordless drill.


birch sap harvesting kit €12 incl. tax new.


Current regulations :

For the smooth running of your harvest. It is obligatory to collect birch sap on land that belongs to you.

In other words, if this is not the case, please always ask the owner of the birch trees for permission.

Harvesting on municipal land is prohibited, therefore it will be punishable by a fine. Please respect the environment and the trees during and after harvest.


The birch sap collection kit can be used for several years, if you take care of it and follow the instructions for use.


Bar code / EAN: 3770017569087.


Birch water is the trivial name given to raw birch sap, collected in spring, using cuts made in the bark of the tree.


The birch was formerly called the tree of wisdom, but also the tree of nephritics.


In France, the exploitation of birch trees to harvest sap falls under the category of non-timber forest products in the classification of activities managed by INSEE.


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