leyland cypress 150

leyland cypress 150

  • Référence : Leyland Cypress 150 175 x 10
  • Disponibilité : Disponible
  • 150.00€

  • Prix hors taxes : 150.00€

leyland cypress 150 175 price 150 Eur for 10

the 10 leyland cypresses 150 175

Cypress Leylandii 150/175 cm. x 10 for 150 Euros


Transform your garden into a green paradise with our exceptional offer of 10 Leyland cypress trees measuring between 150 and 175 centimeters, all for only €150.


Leyland cypresses are elegant and sturdy trees.

perfect for creating hedges, screens or simply adding a touch of greenery to your outdoor space. Their dense, evergreen foliage provides privacy and tranquility all year round, while their rapid growth guarantees quick and spectacular results in your garden.


Whether you are looking to demarcate your property.

to create a private space or simply to beautify your garden, our Leyland cypress trees are an ideal choice. Their disease resistance and low maintenance also make them a practical choice for gardeners of all experience levels.



Don't miss this great deal to get 10 Leyland Cypresses.

high quality at an unbeatable price. Order now for only €150 and transform your garden into a true green haven of peace.


The Leylandii cypress (Cupressocyparis Leylandii) is a perfect hedge plant, as it grows quickly, stays evergreen and manages to form a very beautiful, dense hedge in a relatively short time, providing your home and garden with optimal privacy.


Plant Description

The Leyland cypress really attracts attention as a hedge plant, and for good reason. Indeed, this hedge plant has many advantages and good properties. This is partly why it is one of the most popular hedge plants. Planted in a row, they quickly form a beautiful closed hedge.


The dense foliage creates a compact green barrier and provides your home with the necessary privacy. Cirpes Leylandii is frost hardy and can grow in almost any climate. The cypress hedge has a beautiful green color all year round, making it an attractive backdrop in your garden. Buy best quality, locally grown Cypress Leylandii from us at a competitive price. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the available formats.

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