Automatic dog washing machine

Automatic dog washing machine

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Having a furry companion provides unique moments.

But also other things to forget, like bath time. And, although the animal behaves well, it is annoying to have to clean the hair in the bathtub or chase it with the dryer. The solution?: our dog washing machine.
Automatic washing machine price for dogs.


At Tecafil we help you improve the profitability of your business with any of these equipment.
More and more owners are betting on bathing their dog in a car wash center, why not integrate one into your facilities?

These machines are perfect for gas stations, car wash centers, veterinary clinics, kennels or pet stores. Seize the opportunity and prepare to see your profits increase.
Dog washing machines  are similar to washing machines, but they don't spin.
They consist of a hole through which you must introduce your pet and a door that closes tightly. The functions of these machines are: washing, hydromassage, rinsing, water drainage and drying. Some machines have a free cleaning and disinfection system. There are also machines that allow you to wash and dry beds, suits, towels, etc. of your pet. Why integrate pet car wash into your business? Because thanks to this service you will attract new customers. And they can, in the process, incur other expenses (like washing their car or pouring gas).



Because you will get additional income.


The investment is easily recovered. The cost of water and electricity is minimal. Because you won't need to hire additional staff: the owner is responsible for washing the dog.


We offer you the possibility of personalizing pet washing equipment to adjust it to the corporate image of your company, with your colors and your identification logo.


What never changes is the quality of our cabins. Made of stainless steel, a material resistant to corrosion, temperature changes, humidity, impacts or scratches. In addition, it is very hygienic, as it prevents bacteria and germs from accumulating on its surface. Its maintenance is very simple and very durable.

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