inexpensive palm tree 180 cm

inexpensive palm tree 180 cm

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cheap palm tree 180 cm on sale

palm tree 180 cm

The hemp palm or Trachycarpus.


Discover our magnificent palm tree with a height of 180 cm.

in excellent health, available now for only €80!


Add a touch of exoticism and greenery to your living space.

with our superb palm tree. Measuring 180cm in height, it will bring a tropical ambiance and holiday feeling to your home or garden.


This palm is robust and healthy.

ready to beautify your space for many years to come. With its lush foliage and elegant appearance, it will be the focal point of any room or garden where you choose to place it.


Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a quality palm tree.

at an affordable price. Order our healthy 180 cm palm tree now for only €80 and breathe new life into your space!

is the palm that best resists the cold and therefore our climates.

The trunk measures 120cm high and the total height is 180cm.

inexpensive palm tree 180 cm €80 incl. tax.

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