unikalo paint 3l

unikalo paint 3l

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unikalo paint 3l can

Matt paint for interior walls and ceilings.

based on alkyd resins in aqueous phase.


Discover our high quality Unikalo paint.

available in a 3 liter pot, at the advantageous price of €50!


Unikalo paint is renowned for its durability.

its ease of application and its impeccable finishes. Whether you want to refresh the walls of your interior or give new life to your exteriors, our Unikalo paint is an ideal choice.


With its highly pigmented formula and weather resistance.

This paint ensures optimal coverage and long-lasting hold. In addition, its 3 liter pot gives you a generous quantity for your painting projects.



Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your space.

with quality paint. Order your 3 liter pot of Unikalo paint now for only €50 and transform your interior or exterior with vibrant, long-lasting colors!



applies indoors on walls and ceilings. based on plaster. plasterboard with cardboard skin. wood and derivatives, cement and hydraulic coatings. (pH < 9). covered or not with old paint in good condition.



AQUALINE MAT EVO. is characterized by the absence of repeats. good opacity, great dullness. a good open time.



Paint designates both a generally liquid composition used to protect or decorate the surface of an object by covering it with an opaque or colored film - varnishes have a similar function, but are transparent -, and the thin layer resulting from this application (PRV3).


A paint essentially consists of a binder.

liquid before application, solid after, and one or more powder pigments which give it its color and opacity. The solvent or diluent which regulates the fluidity of the mixture evaporates upon drying. Additives make it easier to apply, improve conservation, and adjust the glossy or matte appearance of the dry paint.


The distinction between paints and inks is mainly one of usage.

certain inks having the same composition as paints (PRV2).




Paint most often has a material protection function. It protects metals against corrosion and wood against biological damage (rot). It forms a thin layer, which can be removed by stripping and replaced, with little disturbance to the material it covers.


In addition to its protective role, paint has a decorative role.

Its appearance and colors are an element of exterior architecture — as an alternative to coatings and raw materials — or interior architecture, and design.


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