hybrid hard shell roof tent mighty oak 160

hybrid hard shell roof tent mighty oak 160

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hybrid hard shell roof tent mighty oak 160 NEW PRODUCT

mighty oak 160 hybrid hard shell roof tent

The Vickywood Mighty Oak Gen 2.0 160.

is a modern hybrid roof tent. able to accommodate 2 to 3 people.

The second generation. of Mighty Oak roof top tents. has a structure. made of thicker synthetic material and a mechanism. improved opening/closing.


Meet the Mighty Oak 160 Hybrid Hard Shell Roof Top Tent.

an innovative and robust camping solution, available now for only €1,200!


The Mighty Oak 160 Rooftop Tent combines the best of both worlds:

the strength and durability of a fiberglass hard shell with the practicality and comfort of a roof tent. Thanks to its hybrid design, it offers superior protection against bad weather while being easy to install and store.


Featuring a comfortable mattress and generous space.

This rooftop tent is ideal for adventurers looking for comfort during their outdoor trips. Whether you're going wild camping, on a road trip, or on a desert expedition, the Mighty Oak 160 rooftop tent gives you safe, comfortable shelter wherever you go.



Don't miss this opportunity to get yourself a quality roof tent.

at an affordable price. Order your Mighty Oak 160 hybrid hard shell roof tent now for only €1200 and get ready for unforgettable outdoor adventures!



The Mighty Oak 160 is a sturdy quality tent.

with a lightweight aluminum frame.

The name 'mighty oak' was not chosen at random.

This solid roof tent is manufactured. from sustainable materials and. thanks to its hard structure in recycled ABS. it can also be mounted on the roof. for a long period.


Open the 'suitcase', unfold the tent and you're ready to camp!

The Mighty Oak is equipped with many. ventilation openings all around. with shutters that can be used. permanently as a canopy using the bars. voltage supplied. This allows the tent to be well ventilated. whatever the weather.

The integrated aluminum ladder gives you access. to the roof tent via the apse. The Mighty Oak tent. is equipped with a comfortable mattress. for a good night's sleep.

The tent also features. storage compartments. practical for your shoes and a band. Integrated LED with USB socket for greater comfort.


Setting up the roof tent is child's play.

The Mighty Oak 160 is equipped with 2 rails. guide and 4 mounting brackets. at the bottom for attachment to the bars. roof of your car.

The assembly is similar to that of a roof box.

The length of the support bar must be at least 70 cm. between the legs of the support.

The distance between the two roof bars. must be between 60 and 90 cm.

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